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Sewa International Comes Together to Volunteer at St. Mary’s Food Bank for Sewa Day Event

by Inchara Kumar


Phoenix, AZ: St. Mary’s Food Bank is the world’s first food bank, serving two-thirds of Arizona’s 13 counties. The food bank helps in numerous ways- from food distributions to feeding programs to community kitchens.  It is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Arizonans in need.  Food insecurity jumps as high as 30%, especially in eastern Arizona, and St. Mary’s relies heavily on day to day volunteers to fight the hunger problem.

On October 5th, Sewa volunteers from all around Arizona joined together at St. Mary’s to pack boxes with non-perishable food items.  People from different age groups- from elementary school children to adults- all got to participate in this charity event in a variety of ways.  Labeling boxes, packing food, taping and storing boxes were some of the jobs done inside the warehouse during the 2-hour time frame.  It was manageable, fast-paced work that was truly a team-building experience for everyone who showed up and participated. 

By the end of the morning, Sewa volunteers had managed to pack 540 boxes of food for underprivileged Arizonans.  Everyone enjoyed the feeling of coming together and giving back to the community.