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Modi Government announces 10% reservation for economically weaker upper castes

by Webdesk


NEW DELHI: The Union Cabinet on Monday declared 10 per cent reservation in jobs for economically weaker upper castes.


The reservations benefit is likely to be availed by those whose annual income is below Rupees eight lakh and have up to five acres of land, the sources said.


The timing of the announcement before the 2019 General Elections could play a big role in favour of the Narendra Modi government. Experts say the NDA government has played its biggest electoral card since its formation in 2014. Upper class castes have also hailed the decision, which was a long-pending demand.


The government will move a constitutional amendment bill in Parliament on Tuesday to push for 10% extra reservation for economically deprived sections among general categories.


The BJP's parent organisation the RSS has always maintained that reservation should be along economic lines and not only along caste lines.


Amend the law before the Lok Sabha polls, we will support it, says Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.